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Zimmerman Jones Booher

We are appellate lawyers.  Our practice extends to all aspects of the presentation of issues to appellate courts, in both civil and criminal matters.  We not only prepare briefs and present oral arguments at the appellate level, but also assist trial counsel in framing and preserving issues for appeal.  We assist in drafting major motions, advising on jury instructions, preparing motions in limine, monitoring trials, and handling post-trial motions.

In addition, Michael Zimmerman serves as a mediator, an arbitrator, and an expert witness in complex civil cases.   

Our Services

  • Appellate Courts
    • Consult on the Appellate Process
    • Advise on Brief Drafting and Persuasion
    • Conduct Moot Courts to Help Prepare for Oral Argument
    • Prepare Extraordinary Writs
    • Prepare Petitions for Review of Interlocutory Orders
    • Prepare Petitions for Writ of Certiorari
    • Prepare Merits Briefs
    • Present Oral Arguments
  • Trial Courts
    • Consult on Whether to Appeal
    • Prepare Major Motions
    • Advise on Preserving and Framing Issues for Appeal
    • Prepare Motions in Limine
    • Draft Jury Instructions
    • Monitor Trials for Appellate Issues
    • Prepare Post-Trial Motions
  • Expert Witness
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • Mediate Complex Civil Cases
    • Serve as an Arbitrator in Complex Civil Cases
  • Matheson Courthouse Utah
  • Booher Zimmerman Jones
Please note we are currently in the process of moving offices, and our phone service will be down for a short while. Phone service should be returned to normal sometime on the 30th June.

"Appellate advocacy is specialized work. It draws upon talents and skills that are far different from those utilized in other facets of practicing law. Being a good trial lawyer does not mean that you are also a qualified appellate advocate."

Judge Ruggero J. Aldisert, United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit